Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

When planning to improve your business processes you will need to start by reviewing your core values.

This review may likely highlight the need to change your organisation from one being based on a traditional departmental line, to one that is more customer focused.

Business process improvement adds value to your organisation by developing corporate structures, processes and procedures that will support your organisations core values.

If these processes are implemented successfully it will create a culture which places importance on quality and continuous improvement.


  • Increased productivity
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved quality
  • Well motivated staff


  • Ensure that business processes are efficient & support corporate objectives
  • Provide staff with appropriate training, resources & supervision
  • Make best use of available ICT systems

A key factor in process improvement is making sure that ICT systems are being used to best advantage. Too often, companies are 'hamstrung' by outdated, inflexible or inappropriate systems.

Consultation and Participation

Business process improvement will create change and this in turn requires consultation and participation from all levels. For your new business processes to be successful it is vital to consider the people at grass roots level as they often have much to contribute but their views are seldom sought.

This tends to happen, because superiors often mistakenly perceive initiatives from subordinates as threats to traditional, hierarchical organisations. However, it is worth remembering that people will seldom resist their own ideas! Also, people do not like working inefficiently and will naturally look for ways to improve their working practices.

By including peoples view at all levels you will likely identify the best possible processes for your organisation, which in turn will be easier to implement.

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