Business Strategy and Planning

Business Strategy and Planning

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail and this has never been truer than in business. An organisations success is closely linked to its business vision, strategy and planning.

Benefits of business planning:

  • clear company purpose & direction
  • improve business ability to respond to future demands
  • strong basis for improving business effectiveness & efficiency

Goddards Accountants can help your company create a working business plan and strategy that will assist you in reaching key goals and protecting your business's future.

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  • Clear sense of company purpose & direction
  • Increased ability to achieve goals
  • Able to respond to the unexpected & sustaining long-term business viability


  • Define your company objectives & agree a business strategy
  • Create & communicate the vision
  • Develop & implement the business plan
  • Monitor performance

Business Strategy and Business Vision

It is important to understand the difference between your business strategy and business vision.

Your business strategy is what your company is going to do, while your business vision is why your company is going to do it.

By communicating your business vision throughout your organisation you will create greater impetus towards achieve key company objectives.

Business Plans

The first step in business planning and strategy is to clarify and reach consensus on your business objectives. Once agreed, the business objectives can be converted into practical plans.

Your business plans should cover the provision and application of resources plus the measurement of performance. The business plans should also anticipate alternative scenarios that could deflect the company from its chosen course and help your business to be proactive, rather than reactive to events.

All too often, once written, business plans are consigned to the filing cabinet and seldom see the light of day again. The business plan should, in fact, be a 'living' document that is continually reviewed and updated. These plans are often required by banks, investors and other sources of funding.

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