Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Business disputes and conflicts consume your time, energy and resources. They also divert your attention away from your main activities and can be damaging to your business, especially if legal action is involved.

The sooner a dispute can be resolved the better for everyone as this prevents the situation from escalating.

We provide expert independent dispute advice and support, which is often the best and fastest way for both parties to reach an amicable agreement.


  • Maintain & improve business relationships
  • Focus on business activities
  • Prevent dispute escalation


  • Assess the situation
  • Review both sides of the dispute
  • Identify resolution options

 Dispute beginnings

A work or business dispute often begin in a small way, but can escalate out of proportion over time if left unresolved.

For example a behaviour or action by one party which is seen as unacceptable by another party can develop into a more serious dispute. Staff become entrenched in their opinions and often look for additional behaviour or events to further justify their position sometimes involving other staff in the dispute.

 Why Do I Need Dispute Resolution Support?

The truth is that many disputes can be prevented or resolved quickly if the appropriate action is implemented at an early stage. However, the correct action is not always taken for a number of reasons:
  • A fear of conflict
  • Don't know how to communicate feelings
  • Don't know what action to take
  • Don't know how to take appropriate action
This is why having extra support to assist in resolving disputes makes good business sense.

Many disputes arise internally within businesses and organisations, but can also involve third parties, particularly suppliers.

Relationships with suppliers can deteriorate slowly, over a period of time. One party steps back a little, the other does the same. Over time, the gap grows to the point that neither party is able to make that first step back towards the other.

The following is an example of how easily this can happen and what can be done to bring parties back together and resolve the dispute:

"An IT company's relationship with their client had completely broken down during a major new systems implementation.

The supplier had raised additional invoices for substantial sums on top of the contract price, which the client objects to.

Goddards Accountants are then called in to help resolve the dispute.

After holding separate meetings with both parties we hired two rooms in a hotel and spent a day of 'shuttle diplomacy', eventually resulting in the supplier cancelling all the invoices and both parties leaving happy and reunited. "

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